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begagnad kiddieride i bra skick. Elektronisk Comestero myntinkast.


This classy sports car design perfectly combines easy maintenance and simplicity of form. The spacious seat leaves children plenty of room to enjoy playing with the buttons, sounds and joystick, which simulates a real car gear change. Children also love the movement that varies constantly and, combined with lively tunes, is synchronized with the lights of the Kiddie Rides. The toy is delivered with fitted towing point and Use and Maintenance booklet. All the management utilities (electronic card and token slot system) are incorporated in the bodywork.

Height:  95 cm
Width:  76 cm
Length:  170 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Age: 2-7 years old

Users: 2

Led Lights: Yes

Sound: Yes

Interactivity: Yes